Home Journey Will Dominate in 2021, Says Airbnb


Whole houses have replaced apartments as Airbnb’s first choice, according to a new report released by the short-term rental platform released today. While the results weren’t surprising during the Covid-19 pandemic, they did provide some insight into what the brand’s hosts and travelers can expect over the next year.

Domestic travel remains the be-all and end-all of the brand during the pandemic. 62% of the respondents stated that they would like to take a vacation “within driving distance”. This is in line with the rest of the travel ecosystem, as Airbnb’s latest marketing campaign encouraged travelers to peek into their own backyards.

The results show that 83% of respondents are in favor of moving as part of remote working. 25 percent believed that they could “live where they want” and continue to work remotely.

Twenty percent said they had already moved temporarily or permanently.

Among the top destinations on the platform, Rome, Paris, and London have been replaced with the Smoky Mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado, and Palm Springs, California, though Airbnb didn’t provide specifics.

Surprisingly, 60% of parents (who, in fact, can be both Millennials and Gen Z) said they would in some way, or very likely, consider working remotely and traveling with kids in tow if the School schedule continues to be disrupted by the health crisis. Slightly more obvious was that Gen Z and Millennials most likely believed they could move to a new place. Overall, 85% said they prefer to get closer to family.

According to the brand, there was a 128% increase in guest reviews between July and September mentioning “moving”, “moving”, “working remotely” and “trying a new neighborhood” year over year. Those who want to work remotely book trips longer than two weeks, although Airbnb hasn’t specified exactly how long.

The survey included nearly 1,000 adults and was conducted in mid-September.

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