1800 Tequila Toasts 10th Anniversary of Important 1800 Artists Sequence With Snapchat AR

1800 Tequila celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Essential 1800 Artists Series by teaming up with world-famous Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel on six limited-edition bottles and working with Snapchat on a corresponding augmented reality experience.

Snapchat uses AR to turn each bottle into a marker, creating a filter that users can use to interact with lenses.

1800 Tequila / Snapchat

San Miguel said in a statement: “It was an exciting challenge to design my first series of tequila bottles to mark the 10th anniversary of the 1800 Essential Artist Series. I loved working with this new format that I see as canvas submerged in liquid. As an artist, I have to create something to be happy and my greatest motivation is the joy I get from discovering and promoting cultural dialogue. “

He added, “For my collaboration with 1800 Tequila, I wanted to produce work that reflected my ethos as an artist. For example, my use of different colors in the skin of the characters I paint shows that we are all actually the same; and geometry represents modernity and the digital world. One of my favorite symbols is the skull, a symbol of life that is reflected on one of six bottles in my Essential 1800 Artists Series. Whether people see my work on the street, on a canvas or on a bottle of 1800 silver tequila, my artistic message can be interpreted by the viewer. “

Okuda San Miguel1800 tequila

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