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Quality Research Sample

Jan 14

A detailed research execution process makes it possible to achieve the research objectives, having thoroughly completed the various process activities. At Slice MR, we follow a detailed process to achieve the desired result, like ensuring that nothing gets left to chance. The process begins with a quote request where we give you a budget depending on your Quality Research Sample needs and timeframes. We first understand your needs which we then execute transparently to meet customer satisfaction and make you happy for deciding to work with us. 

We offer an initial consultation.

At Slice MR, the second stage of the research process is survey optimization which kicks off once we get your survey drafts. One of the things we recommend during this stage is to have a consultation call with our operations team though we leave this optional for those who deem it fit to do so. Keenly listening to you enables us to understand the different Premium Data Collection research objectives like quotas and final deliverables. We then collaborate using a very iterative process to engage you with pertinent questions and give suggestions where necessary to achieve the set objectives. 

We have skilled programmers.

At Slice MR, we have skilled and experienced programmers who deliver a quality service that gives you value. Our skilled Online Panel Sampling programmers deliver accurate and speedy services that commence with skill mapping surveys, followed by scripting, which makes it possible to tackle questions as they come in; hence there are no delays that would affect the research completion timeframe. Additionally, we deliver a multi-level review process performed by separate question and answer and data processing teams before we deliver the test links. 

We have dedicated team members.

Every survey must get well done to enable us to meet the objectives of the research process. At Slice MR, we have a dedicated team that looks at every survey, and to make the process thorough, without any loopholes, one survey gets handled by at least six team members. The Panel Provider team members work tirelessly in a split day shift that spans eighteen hours. Additionally, we have open client communication, which is available for twelve of the eighteen hours. 

We are readily available even during the weekends.

At Slice MR, we can give you the proper guidance during your research execution process with a weekend availability upon request. Call our Market Research Panel Companies today for a proper research process. 

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