7 Inventive Methods Manufacturers Can Use Instagram Guides

Would you like to use Instagram guides for your business?

Instagram’s newest feature is an easy-to-use, creative, and interactive way to share new (and old!) Content with your audience.

Ready to step in? We’re sharing 7 ways small businesses can use Instagram guides:

What are Instagram guides?

Guides are a brand new way to share and consume content on Instagram. Originally exclusive to a small group of health and wellness lawyers and developers, it is now available to everyone.

Instagram guides Allow users to scroll through a curated flow of interactive content – much like a blog post (except without leaving Instagram!).

You can choose from 3 different lead formats:

  • Places: Recommend places in your city and beyond
  • Products: Recommend your favorite products from your own store or others
  • Posts: Recommend posts you’ve created or saved

To access Instagram Guides, visit an Instagram profile and tap the new Instagram Guides icon on their page. If a profile does not have the tab, it means that guides have not yet been created.

From here you can scroll and search through the user guides.

Are you looking for product manuals? Discover new guidelines by tapping on the “Shop” tab and switching to “Explore guidelines” in the top bar.

Are you ready to create your own Instagram guide? Our short tutorial will teach you everything you need to know!

Why Small Businesses Should Use Instagram Guides

If you’re active on Instagram, you likely share several times a week. That’s a lot of valuable content that could be forgotten once seen!

Enter Instagram Guides: it’s time to maximize the shelf life of your Instagram content! Instead of leaving valuable content on your feed for users to search for themselves, make it easy for them and put your posts together in the form of a guide.

When a user clicks on an individual post in a manual, they are redirected back to the original post. Hello, evergreen content!

Instagram users are no stranger to long-form content with IGTV and Instagram subtitles, but guides give the app a whole new twist.

Instead of sharing a collection of posts about your stories (and making them go away after 24 hours!) Or grouping products together a single carousel postYou can organize them in a specific place: the Instagram Tutorials tab.

In 20 minutes or less, you can curate your own Instagram guide and share it with your Instagram story. The user-friendly process leaves room for creativity and helps your audience consume your content in an easily digestible way.

In addition to tapping the original post right in the guide (or purchasing the product), users can add an extra copy to further bring your message home.

Creating Instagram manuals is a great alternative to blog posts, especially during the holiday season or when you’re struggling to get traffic to your website.

Another benefit of using Instagram guides? You are very divisible!

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram followers is by creating shareable authentic contentand Instagram guides can help. If you are creating a guide that your audience finds valuable, they may be inclined to share it with their followers on their Instagram stories.

7 creative ways brands can use Instagram tutorials

  1. Gift guide
  2. Offer resources
  3. Product highlights
  4. Instructions and tips
  5. travel Guide
  6. Summaries
  7. Answer the FAQ

# 1: gift guide

What better way to use Instagram guides than curating a gift guide?

Whether it’s holidays or Mother’s Day, creating a gift guide is a great way to give your audience what they are often looking for this time: gift ideas.

In a few simple steps, you can create an Instagram guide for your own products or a collection of products from other brands and small businesses.

Support small businesses and share some of your favorites @baileyjst did in her “SHOP LOCAL” Instagram Guide series. To make it as easy as possible, she organized her gift guides into different categories such as “Home”, “Accessories”, “Skin + Beauty” and “Wellness”.

Another great option is to collaborate on a gift guide and offer a specific coupon code for the products featured. See how the Vancouver-based underwear company @wearhuha curated a list of products from companies founded by women and offered their audience a specific discount:

# 2: Offer resources

Instagram Originally introduced guides to highlight helpful resources and wellness content. So it’s no wonder this is one of the best ways to use Instagram guides for businesses!

Check out how @afgnational has produced a guide on Mental Health Resources for the Black Community.

Each of the 15 posts refers their audience to helpful resources from their own site or from accounts like @realdepressionproject and @inclusivetherapists.

Depending on your brand or company, there are a number of resources you can collect on any topic that you are passionate about. From a collection of Instagram tips and tricks to meditation resources, the sky’s the limit.

# 3: product highlights

Using Instagram guides to highlight your products is a great way to curate and organize content for your followers.

You can organize your products according to bestsellers, new releases, categories or demographics.

Take sustainable fashion brands @ Alohas “Looking for black shoes?” Guide for example. This is a short and snappy guide that gets straight to the point. Your audience knows what they’re getting when they click!

Also, their followers can simply click on the products to buy for a quick and smooth sales process.

# 4: guides and tips

Have you always wanted to give your followers an extensive list of tips and tricks or detailed instructions? Now you can!

Companies and developers get creative with the “Instagram Guides” feature. By curating these lists, you are providing additional information that will hopefully inspire them to share your tips with their followers.

To take @ Jadedarmawangsa Example: “How do I write a diary (my 15-minute exercise)?”

This guide is an amazing resource for their followers who want to start journaling. Instead of putting these tips on her stories, Jade’s journaling practice now lives * forever * under her How To tab.

Another good example is from @ifundwomen. Her Startup Tips guide is an incredible resource for her audience.

To extend the shelf life of the tips they share on their feed, @ifundwomen has collected 13 of them and compiled them into a handy guide:

When a user clicks on a post in the manual, they return to the original post. You might notice a high level of engagement with some of your previous content – which is a good sign for the algorithm!

# 5: travel guide

Instagram guides are great for creating guides full of travel inspiration, local gems, or hotel recommendations.

If you’re a travel brand or an influencer who travels frequently, travel guides are the perfect way to take advantage of this new feature. You can gather your previous posts in different locations and add an additional copy to each location.

Let’s look at @christinagalbato for example. Her guide “Where to Visit in Jordan” is a compilation of 6 of her previous Instagram posts in each location.

Another great guide is from @thetravelingchild. Your guide “Two Weeks in Morocco” contains 12 articles, each with different helpful recommendations.

# 6: summaries

Monthly and yearly summaries are trending. So why not create one with an Instagram guide?

You can create product summaries and monthly favorites, or you can create an annual summary!

Later we did just that. Read our guide “Year in Review: The Biggest Social Media Moments of 2020”:

The guide includes the 10 biggest social media moments of the year. Each post in the guide is from other Instagram accounts but is accompanied by a branded copy authored by the Later social media team.

Are you looking for a simpler approach? Look at @ Sooveritshop’s Guide to “November Faves”. As described in the description of the guide, this is a new feature that they use to share their “favorite local and sustainable brands / products from the previous month”.

# 7: FAQs

Whether you’re an influencer, content creator, or small business owner, you’re likely getting an influx of questions in the DMs.

When asking frequently asked questions, it may be worth creating a guide on the subject.

See how @vestaireco done. They created a “Care Guide” that offers their audience “5 ways to keep clothes clean without washing them”.

Instead of adding an extra copy to the guide, they kept it simple and directed their followers to click on each post to learn more.

What is the future of Instagram guides?

With Instagram Guides being a new feature, there are tons of creative options and brands are only just beginning to realize their potential.

It is a good idea to jump on Instagram guides while the competition is still low, especially since Instagram tends to highlight new features.

We assume that brands and companies are catching the trend and working with influencers to find paid partnership opportunities for specific products. Check out this room!

There is currently no Instagram Guides analytics and users cannot save guides. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a pastime if you plan on visiting again in the future. However, when the guides start, we expect detailed analysis and a button to save.

And as more and more developers share guides, watch out for their own tab somewhere in the app.

Whether it’s extending the shelf life of your Instagram posts, highlighting your products, or sharing resources, a creative opportunity awaits you with Instagram Guides.

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