7 Suggestions for Taking Trip as a Social Media Supervisor

When social media is part of your job, it can be difficult to disconnect and actually go on vacation. It’s the nature of the job – whether you’re a team of one or 15!

But it’s exactly the same mentality that makes a vacation so important to your sanity.

You need time to relax and, above all, to pull the power plug so that you can work refreshed and newly inspired – even if you are only going for a “stay”.

So what if you need a vacation that doesn’t get glued to your phone? With proper planning and preparation, you will be able to stop scrolling and relax in no time.

Here are 7 tips on what to do before, during, and after your vacation as a social media manager::

Tips for social media managers before the vacation:

# 1: plan and plan your content ahead of time

Your well-deserved break from work is on the other side of a batching session for solid content!

If you’re ready to have content ready while you’re away, this is the first step to having peace of mind while you’re signed out.

When you sit down to create and plan all of your content in one fell swoop, not only does the creative juices flow, but it also enables consistent strategic planning.

Later just close it Schedule content across multiple platformsSo you’ve covered the whole floor.

Instagram scheduler

From Instagram to Pinterest, you can make sure all of your social channels continue to work smoothly while you sip a cocktail on the beach (or play your next Netflix series).

TIP: Plan a few extra days of content before you get back from your vacation. This “buffer space” facilitates the transition to work without feeling overwhelmed.

Would you like to know how it’s done? Check out our guide How to Schedule 1 Week of Instagram Posts in 20 Minutes!

# 2: Pick a contact person

Give yourself permission to hand the reins. Whether you work on a team or you are a sole proprietorship, it is a good idea to have a contact available to monitor social channels as needed.

Identifying a team member to take on can help keep things running smoothly, and the rest of your team can have peace of mind if something changes at the last minute.

Social media vacation

And if you are a freelancer, you are not doomed! There are many great virtual assistance services out there that can help you with the basics. Or, consult your contact list with other freelancers to find someone you trust.

Who knows, you might even be able to work out a vacation trading deal that is both mental health and pocket-friendly.

TIP: Make sure to set up an out of office message before bidding goodbye. And if it makes sense for your brand, you can even post a message on your social channels if you choose to go a little quieter than usual.

# 3: Get essential documents organized

Organization prevents stress. It is a good rule of thumb to document your key processes and keep passwords secure so that preparing for the handover is a breeze.

While working on social media feels like a 24 hour requirement, having an emergency document with critical processes can make it easy to avoid hiccups or last minute handovers.

This could be a simple shared Google Doc, or better yet, it’s available in any project management tool you or your team use for easy access.

# 4: set expectations with your team (or customers)

Set clear expectations for your absence – and inform your team or your customers in good time. Be firm when you are unavailable and write down any changes that should be expected while you are away.

You also don’t need to apologize or feel guilty. Healthy working boundaries should allow a little space to recharge and recharge your creative juices. Also, taking time off can increase long-term motivation and productivity in the workplace.

Use to make it easy to share with your team Functions of the later access group. You can add specific team members to your Access Groups within Later so they can see everything that’s on the schedule and even make last minute adjustments to social posts if necessary.

Example for later access groups

Everything you need to know about Access Groups on Later can be found at this practical guide!

Tips for the social media manager during your vacation:

# 5: disconnect and delete social or work-related apps

We get it – this is a tough question, but it works wonders for your sanity.

However, if you really want to turn it off and charge, delete any social media or work-related apps from your phone.

Removing the apps from your phone removes the temptation to scroll and check in subconsciously.

If you’re in a stay and don’t want to give up on sharing your downtime highlights on Instagram, you need to delete your communication-based apps like email and Slack.

You can just reinstall the apps once you’re ready to log back into work mode!

And if you can’t completely check out from work, schedule a set time once a day to check your accounts or email and stick to that time slot.

You can even set an alarm or use a tool like that Tomato timer So that you can only check in for 20 minutes on vacation. When this alarm goes off, it’s time to tune out and get back to the relaxation you deserve!

Tip: set up Quick replies on Instagram For a Mini OOO message, highlight the message to reply when you get back.

Save Time on Instagram: Quick Responses on Instagram

Social Media Manager Tips for After Your Vacation:

# 6: Schedule touch-base meetings upon your return

Before you go on your well-deserved vacation, plan touch-base meetings with your team members or clients when you return.

This gives you a chance to catch up on what you may have missed to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Just make sure you don’t schedule them all morning after you return – give yourself some time to get back into your workflow.

# 7: Save social sharing for * after * your vacation

Perhaps you sensed a theme here, but if you really break away from social media, this is the only way to really rest. Not to mention the pressure to share on social media takes you out of the moment.

Go ahead and take a shot, but wait until you’re back from the break so you can stay present instead of worrying about which filter to use.

Once your vacation is over and you are back to work, you may want to take some time to think about what things can be improved before your next vacation and put them into practice before the next time.

Remember, if you are burned out all the time, you can’t excel at your job – and while it is sometimes impossible to take a vacation, the first step is to realize that you deserve a break, and then that Steps Necessary in Planning to Take a Proper, Stress Free Vacation.

Ready to take some time to relax and start over? Later makes it easy for you to plan, manage and schedule your social posts – for free!

Written by

Lindsay Ashcraft

Lindsay is the Social Media Coordinator at Later in Northern California. Usually you can wander them around farmers markets or plan their next trip. Follow their adventures: @ lindsay.ashcraft.

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