Anti Advert Advert Membership Pays TikTokers For Takedowns Of Fb, Palantir, Tesla & Extra

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Do you remember when TikTok was supposed to be sold? Seems like a lifetime ago. The social media app is still going strong. Which the Masters of Sociological Dysfunction at MSCHF like, as their latest project focuses on TikTok, as well as the destructive weight of political capitalism that TikTok is under.

The Anti Ad Ad Club is a way for TikTok developers to send a clear and justified anti-capitalist message, including TikTok itself. The app states that there are nine evil brands that need to be shut down, apparently in the form of cheeky TikTok- Dances.

This is how it works for TikTok developers. Use an Anti Ad Ad Club sound in a TikTok (making up a strange dance is probably recommended). When the number of views is reached, the creators can send evidence to the MSCHF TikTok review team and between chugging two-liter bottles of Mountain Dew Code Red, check that the submission belongs to the creators. Depending on which sound TikTok developers used, they will be paid anywhere from $ 10 to $ 20,000.

Like its campaign for Finger On The App, MSCHF appears to have a venture capital fund just for these wild social experiments. Sure, there is some level of social benefit with something like the Anti Ad Ad Club, but there is also a certain level of whimsy so there is an interesting juxtaposition of ideals. Regardless, the chance for TikTok developers to stick with the guy and possibly get paid for it is an engaging social project, both from a participation perspective and out of sheer curiosity.

The lowest payment tier is the attack on TikTok itself. For more than 5,000 views, developers can earn $ 10 using the sound that attacks TikTok to suppress content. Over 50,000 views featuring the sound attacking Amazon for human rights abuses and union violations earns a creator $ 100. The NFL, Tesla are next levels, the Facebook takedown for spreading hate speech and fake news is worth $ 4,000 when it gets more than two million views and that’s only at the middle level. If the developers get more than 10 million views on a post slamming Palantir for Using Big Data for Evil, developers can count on $ 20,000. Given Palantir’s involvement in police surveillance, this could pose a risk. Hence the payoff.

It should be made clear that these claims are repeated as stated on the Anti-Ad-Ad Club website, although much has been written on each one in order to arrive at a basic conclusion about the overall behavior of these companies.

The sounds are tuned to popular pop rock songs from a few decades, replacing the lyrics with snarky phrases that sound like they were recorded in a bathroom with the fan on. For example, Billy Joel’s classic “We didn’t start the fire” was replaced by a slam on Fashion Nova because he made his product under sweatshop conditions.

I’m not sure how long this project will take. There will likely be a lot of activity by the time it hits the message wires and the developers start downloading sounds to upload to their custom TikToks to look for views and money. The legality of all of this, as usual for MSCHF, is questionable. The noises are clearly parodic, and the shutdowns are based on well-reported news, not just guesswork. So all of this has some background. However, this has not prevented the cease and desist statements from being received in the past.

One thing we should take out of all of this is that companies often work in their best interests, not in our best interest. This is how it works in a capitalist society. We’re just fuel for the ATMs that keep humming no matter what derogatory remarks we dance to TikTok to.

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