Efficient Efficiency Advertising – with Sofia Benjelloun

Effective performance marketing – with Sofia Benjelloun

For those unfamiliar with the term, performance marketing is a model in which advertisers only pay partners when the desired action is taken. These actions include cost per click, cost per action, and cost per lead.

This is one way to increase a company’s brand awareness while increasing sales. This is achieved by working with partners (also known as publishers or affiliates) and creating mutually beneficial relationships.

Sofia studied at the prestigious King’s College London and obtained a BSc in business administration. This led her to pursue her education at Dauphine University in Paris, where she completed her master’s degree.

Since leaving college, her journey through the ranks of the digital marketing industry has provided the wealth of experience she needed to become an expert in her field – performance marketing.

What is partner marketing?

Many use the terms affiliate marketing and partner marketing interchangeably, but affiliate marketing is much more than that. Both partner marketing and affiliate marketing are forms of performance marketing.

In fact, it has become the industry standard to refer to the more traditional partnerships as partner partnerships. Traditional partners are usually last-click contributors, e.g. B. Coupon and Loyalty Websites. When we talk about partners in the partner marketing model, they can be anywhere along the funnel. Cooperations based on the partner marketing model focus on generating a quantifiable brand value. The partner marketing model emphasizes the importance of building meaningful, transparent, high quality, and lasting relationships between advertisers and partners. Where advertisers actively listen to partner ideas to grow their business.

You can have thousands of partners or affiliates, but if they don’t fit right or can’t deliver what you need, they may not get the ROI your business needs.

This is where Sofia excels. She has all the experience and tools to find, select and integrate the most suitable partners based on your overall marketing strategy. In doing so, it instigates the numbers every business wants to see – creating real value and great results.

Why is partner marketing the model of the future?

Partner marketing promotes collaboration based on transparency, communication and consistency. The relationship must be mutually beneficial, and therefore she believes the model will continue to thrive in the future. In the overall marketing model, both the advertiser and the brand value the relationship very much and reinforce their mutual commitment.

In addition, partner marketing increases the brand’s advertising channels without significantly increasing the marketing budget.

When done right, partner marketing can be extremely effective as working with multiple partners gives the brand credibility with multiple customers and connects the brand with different audiences.

Partner marketing collaborations also encourage brands and partners to work together in harmony. This is possible now more than ever thanks to the recent evolution of the technology behind SAAS platforms. The technological advancement of the SAAS platforms enables advertisers to fairly compensate their partners for each of their marketing efforts.

If you want to see an example of a performance partnership business, all you have to do is reach out to Amazon. Possibly the largest online retailer in the industry, Amazon has its own affiliate network that allows signups to earn generous commissions, generate more sales through their affiliates’ coffers, and thereby increase their profits and grow their empire.

Create new opportunities for performance partnerships

It all sounds simple, but to apply partner marketing efficiently and get the most out of this framework, it takes hard work and savoir-faire.

Choosing the right partners, creating the right relationships, and providing the right rewards is a craft that takes time to learn.

Whether you’re a company or a start-up looking to be on the right track, getting your marketing channels right is big business and it requires the right tools – and people – for the job.

“I love marketing and the challenges that come with it,” says Sofia. “Bringing the right players together is an area I’ve invested a lot in, so I’ve learned to recognize which games work well and which don’t.”

She explains to me how she identifies the right relationships for her customers and where she can find suitable partners.

According to her, “the most important thing is to stay open when looking for new partners.” The most successful partnerships are often very unique and unexpected.

For example, the rise of partnerships with online banks and financial services providers like Revolut is one of the latest trends. Advertisers are increasingly working with online banks such as Revolut, where the online bank shows advertisers on their rewards pages and offers the customer cashback with every purchase.

Performance Marketing Partnerships – Know your best partners

Dedicated and energetic, Sofia explains the importance of choosing the best partners for any company.

“Choosing the right partners is essential for companies that want to use performance marketing. Too many people are negative about affiliate marketing due to outdated knowledge of outdated affiliate marketing methods. However, partner marketing is more relevant today than ever. It significantly increases brand awareness and generates a high ROI. That said; it must be carefully controlled. “

Sofia works in a number of networks and connects companies with their top performers. She tells me the pros and cons of working with influencers, product reviewers, loyalty and content partners.

Date, date, date

As every marketer knows, a hit-and-hope strategy will get you stuck. Data drives results. When it comes to partner marketing, you have access to very specific data that you can use to measure the performance of each partnership. It shows you where to optimize relationships and which partners are responsible for the best results.

“Every brand needs to see where their traffic is coming from and how much revenue they are generating. Only with this information can you optimize your systems – increase the best and reduce the dead weight. Monitoring your partnerships is a must. One way to improve performance is to improve performance. The other is to make sure that you have all of the fine details on your end of the funnel. “

Stay up to date on the latest partner marketing trends

If you are interested in how affiliate marketing works and what views a specialist has, it is a good idea to keep up to date with the latest practices and trends. And that’s exactly why she created her blog SOSOLLE.

Your passion for your industry is expressed. The information is easy to swallow, and provides simple instructions on techniques and programs, as well as food for thought on areas you might want to pursue.

If you’re looking for ways to develop your digital marketing tools and methods, it’s worth a click.

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