‘Fakehunter Problem’ Heralds The Arrival Of Faux Information Chatbot, App

The winners of the #FakeHunter Challenge 2020 to find and refute fake news online recently announced their winners. The more than 2,000 applicants had a lot to do in a year dominated by Covid-19 and the 2020 presidential election.

The competition was presented by the Polish Press Agency (PAP) and GovTech and offered four categories: Fake News Hunt, Fact Checking Challenge, Improve FakeHunter and Find the Real Source of Fake News. According to the rules, points were scored by “reporting incorrect information, performing a source-based analysis and identifying the source of incorrect information”.

The #FakeHunter Challenge invited thousands of online entrants to compete for prize money from … [+] Finding and identifying fake news.

SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

The competition was open to all Internet users who speak Polish or English. From the originally more than 2000 participants, more than 100 people were selected to take part in the competition. Most entries entered the “Fake News Hunt” category, where materials were submitted for review by the competition jury. Rather than focusing on efforts to uncover or correct a single story, points accumulated on a participant’s overall efforts.

The first prize and PLN 15,000 (around USD 4,000) went to Aleksander Kogut, while the second place and PLN 10,000 (around USD 2,700) went to Monika Lada and the third prize of PLN 5,000 (around USD 1,300) went to Przemyslaw Fajerski was claimed.

A special browser plug-in was developed to combat fake news during the contest period. It allowed participants to report potentially incorrect reports. All messages submitted were checked by PAP experts and confirmed false reports were published in a special news service at fakehunter.pap.pl. Since spring, more than 1,000 story submissions have been reported, of which more than 600 turned out to be fake news.

PAP now offered a new #FakeHunter chatbot service that can be accessed via Facebook Messenger. The AI-based instrument enables automatic verification of message accuracy.

In mid-October, PAP activated a new #FakeHunter app. The Android and iOS compatible application focuses on Covid-19 and enables mobile device users to track down and report dangerous or false claims.

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