Fb NPE Releases TikTok-Impressed Collab App Throughout US

Collab, the TikTok Duets-inspired experimental iOS application that Facebook’s NPE team tested by invitation in May, is now available to everyone in the US through the iTunes App Store.

When the app opens, the user is presented with a feed of collabs – three independent 15-second videos that play in sync. The user can then create a collaboration by swiping any line to insert a new video clip that matches their composition.

Collab users can record their own contributions to each song or start a brand new collab.

Product Manager Brittany Mennuti wrote in a blog post on Monday, “Collab automates the complexities of audio and video syncing so you can easily create a final composition that you love. With Collab, you’ll feel like you’re jamming with the band from the comfort of your bedroom. The most important factor: no musical experience is required. If you can swipe, you can create a collaboration. “

Since the app’s first debut in May, the Facebook NPE team has updated the process of creating, sharing, and discovering new collabs, as well as improving audio sync.

Mennuti added, “After testing with dozens of headsets and hardware configurations, we optimized the experience for many setups. You can even use external audio interfaces to bring music from electronic instruments such as keyboards, guitars, and drum kits into your recordings. “

An early adoption by Collab was morgxn, the musician behind the latest pop hit “Home”, who invites fans to collab and remix his new song “Wonder”.

Other examples of collabs Mennuti shared were electronic musical instrument maker Roland and musical equipment retailer Sam Ash Music; Audio engineer and pop singer Teff and her friends; and mother, small business owner and singer Marissa.

Facebook NPE team Facebook NPE team Facebook NPE team

Mennuti concluded, “On the way to an unprecedented Christmas season – a time when many can no longer celebrate with family and friends as they used to – we hope that Collab can be a way for people to learn about the universal language of Connect music. ”

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