Fb’s Messenger Rooms are up to date to draw extra customers

With our workplaces and schools limited to our homes, group chats and video calls are the new normal after the coronavirus spread. Thanks to this, we have numerous video communication platforms of new and old brands that are becoming an integral part of our household. Right now, the Zoom Meetings app ranks # 1 on the App Store, but Facebook’s Messenger Rooms are preparing to change that.

Technically developed by Facebook in 2014, Spaces was introduced so that users can create rooms and invite other users to that room for both personal and professional purposes. At the same time, the opportunity was given to remain anonymous. This was discontinued in December 2014. However, things took a turn during the Covid-19 pandemicand Facebook reintroduced a video conference system of the same name in April 2020.

Similar to the Zoom app, you can also start video calls with friends and family on Facebook via a link in your news feed or on your Groups / Events page. After the recent drop from 10th to 15th position in the US app store, the company has decided to revise its version to improve the ranking while incorporating new and improved features for better user satisfaction and experience.

In the latest version of Messenger Rooms, users can now find the rooms they have been invited to at the top of their chat box to make them easy to find. The option to create a room has also been simplified by showing the option in the middle of the chat box. You can also set future start dates and customize your audience selection. You can also use the “Manage rooms” function to connect, edit, delete and invite other users.

In terms of personalization, Messenger Rooms now allow fun frames and customized backgrounds in which you can use your own pictures and other multimedia content as backgrounds, in addition to the options previously offered such as lighting filters and 360-degree backgrounds.

With many video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Houseparty, etc. Facebook is introducing different options such as: Instagram roles and messenger rooms to provide great social video chat experience and keep top app status. Chat systems for Instagram and Messenger were also integrated earlier this month to help the latter maintain their app status.

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