How Fittr is redefining the web health and diet neighborhood globally?

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about the company

Fittr is the world’s largest online fitness and nutrition community. The roots go back to a small WhatsApp group in 2014 where JC shared his knowledge of fitness and nutrition. In 2016, Fittr took a life. Fittr’s fitness mantra is to educate and empower the end user to transform and inspire others to get fit.

The discussion: brief description

When asked who / what he attributes the success of Fittr, Jitendra Chouksey, founder of Fittr, quickly devoted it to all of his clients from day one who introduced Fittr, believing the word of mouth has worked wonders for them .

JC explains that Fittr rarely followed norms or had strategies for growth. You have been constantly focused on helping people get fit. The rest formed of its own accord with the growth of the community, which is loyal and has since formed the core of Fittr along with the coaches.

JC announces that the disorganized fitness industry is now becoming more organized and reliable. With the growth of online fitness platforms, knowledge sharing has proven fruitful for motivating the lazy crowd as they can work from the comfort of their home.

JC describes how Fittr trainers were first their clients who have changed and are now an asset to Fittr. Even during the pandemic, Fittr was sensitive to the benefit of everyone involved. JC shows us the advantages of online training over training with your personal trainer. With the changing schedules, many find online training more convenient and so stick to the schedule and program.

Fittr had its ups and downs during the pandemic, according to JC. However, once people settled in, their customer base grew significantly. Fittr will focus on growing on the same model as them as they think it is the most workable model. Group coaching is something that Fittr customers can look forward to and that will be more economical.

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