In A Tweet President Trump Lastly Admitted Joe Biden Received The Election, However The President Nonetheless Failed To Concede

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 13: United States President Donald Trump speaks about Operation Warp Speed ​​in the … [+] Rose Garden at the White House on November 13, 2020 in Washington, DC. It will be the first time since election night last week that President Trump has spoken as COVID-19 infections rise in the US. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)

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It’s been more than a week since the 2020 presidential election in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, but it wasn’t until Sunday that President Donald J. Trump acknowledged that fact from his official Twitter account. In addition, the president appeared to be doubling his unsubstantiated claims that fraud played a role in the election result rather than actually admitting it through social media.

From his official account (@realDonaldTrump), the president tweeted: “He won because the election was rigged, I don’t even qualify for Texas (which I won a lot!), Fake & Silent Media and more!”

Twitter issued warning “This election fraud claim is controversial”

The President’s views are not his alone. In addition to the so-called “Million MAGA March” that took place in the state capital on Saturday, he has apparently retained the support in the media.

That included Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters, who wrote on his TV show’s official account (@WattersWorld), “There’s something that just doesn’t feel right. Joe Biden didn’t deserve it, he didn’t even really advertise. ” He thought he was going to lose, you could see it. He ran a losers campaign. So, 10 days after the election, how is he? #WattersWords “

Watters’ comment on social media clearly disregarded the fact that Joe Biden was at the top of the polls in all of the polls, and many experts agree that the choice – if any – was far closer than expected. Twitter again issued a warning that the election fraud allegation was controversial.

Time to admit

The call for a concession from President Trump has grown, and much of it continues to be played on social media. This includes both very serious posts and some very humorous posts.

On Sunday, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, stressed the gravity of the situation and warned of the danger the country is facing from Trump’s refusal to admit. Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton) wrote, “I’ve gone through five presidential transitions … and every day he delays on the pretext of just seeking his appeals is ultimately to the detriment of the country.”

Former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart (@joelockhart) reiterated the views: “Trump has conceded. If the GSA does not begin formal submissions immediately, the House Democrats should take the GSA leadership up the hill and despise them there. Besides, there’s nothing in the law that says the president has to admit. “

Hollywood writer / director Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) also called out President Trump’s actions, noting that it could have serious implications for efforts to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic. Apatow suggested it was a political maneuver on Trump’s side. “Trump wants to raise money so he doesn’t admit and allow Biden to be informed about the pandemic. Trump is murdering even more people for political gain. He’s a killer. It should always be like that.” spoken in these terms. “

The Washington 501 Accountability Watchdog nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethnics (@CREWcrew) was quite poignant about Trump’s refusal to admit, “If a president loses an election, he leaves office peacefully. If a dictator loses an election, he rejects he leaves. ” to admit, orders the courts to settle it for him and advocates violence against the opposition. Donald Trump has to think about how he wants to be remembered. “

Political commentator David Frum (@davidfrum) offered a far more carefree view of the situation: “11/04/2020 Trump tweets that he hasn’t lost

11/15/2020 Trump tweets, which he did not admit

12/14/2020 Trump tweets that the electoral college didn’t hit

Jan 20, 2021 Trump tweeted that he was not evicted and that it was not his suitcase on the Pennsylvania Avenue sidewalk. “

The anticipated memes began after the president’s tweet, including one from Twitter user James Neill (@jneill) who suggested “The Beatles got it right” and quoted lyrics on their 1965 song “Nowhere Man” from the Rubber album Soul.

Not my president round 2

Just four years ago, before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had conceded, the screams of “Not My President” had started, and in addition to MAGA March, there were numerous vocal users on social media repeating this opinion about President-elect Biden .

Among those was actress Kirstie Alley (@Kirstiealley), who isn’t shy about supporting President Trump. She replied to calls that Trump’s supporters were sore losers.

“You mean aching losers like the Dems who have been ‘resisting’ for the past four years and ‘he’s not my president’? Those sore losers? If we lose, we have four more years to act like Jackwagons. .. not a week. “

Given these kinds of feelings and comments on social media making it all too easy for anyone to voice their opinions this far, it is questionable whether a candidate could heal the nation.

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