Instagram Announces New Creator Monetization Features

Instagram is working on a new suite of tools that influencers and developers can use to make money on the platform.

The company announced that it is developing three major new monetization features for developers: Creator Shops, Affiliate Commerce, and a “Branded Content Marketplace”.

Here is everything you need to know:

What are the new Instagram Creator Monetization Features?

In a recently published Instagram Live broadcast, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram director Adam Mosseri reported on the development of the platform to “help developers earn a living in the long term”.

I’ll go live on Instagram with @finkd around 11am to talk about creators and some of our work if you want to stop by and check it out.

– Adam Mosseri @ (@mosseri) April 27, 2021

As part of these plans, Instagram will set up creator shops, affiliate commerce (ie, commission payments for product sales) and a new “branded content marketplace” to connect influencers and brands.

These features will financially reward influencers and creators who use them to increase sales for brands The shopping features of Instagram.

Creator Monetization Feature # 1: Creator Shops

During the broadcast, Zuckerberg announced that Instagram has plans to start Creator Shops.

Developers will likely be able to curate branded products for purchase in their own “Creator Shop”, which will be available on their profile page. However, the exact details for this feature have not yet been released.

“We see a lot of developers setting up stores, and part of the content creator’s business model is that you can create great content and then sell stuff, so it’s fantastic to have creator stores,” said Zuckerberg.

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Creator Monetization Feature # 2: Affiliate Trading

In addition to Creator Shops, Instagram will also introduce a new one Affiliate commerce program for influencers and creators.

This means that developers receive a commission payment (usually a percentage reduction in the total sales amount) whenever they generate a product sale for a brand in the app – which completes the three-sided social commerce marketplace.

In the live broadcast, Zuckerberg said: “[creators] should be able to get some of the sales they build. ”

It is still unclear exactly how Instagram’s affiliate commerce program will work – but it will likely require that sales be completed entirely within the Instagram platform using Instagram checkoutfor end-to-end tracking purposes.

Affiliate commission rates typically range from 5-30%, depending on the brand and product, but it is currently unknown which model Instagram will adopt for its program.

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Creator Monetization Feature # 3: Branded Content Marketplace

Finally, Instagram announced plans to help brands find and discover emerging influencers whose reach would be ideal for their audience.

Similar to TikToks Creator MarketplaceThis would be Instagram’s first step in entering the influencer-brand collaboration space.

“We should be able to help brands find creators who are clearly aligned with the work they’re trying to do and vice versa,” said Mosseri. “If we can help with matchmaking, we can make more money for the smaller developers who can do a great job for brands.”

No exact details were given on how deals might be structured, but Zuckerberg said they offer “very favorable terms” to makers.

Neither Zuckerberg nor Mosseri confirmed exactly when the new creator monetization features would be available in the app or how widely they would be available.

Given the speed at which Instagram moves around the internet E-commerce areaThis could be in the not too distant future.

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