Instagram Enhancements, Inbox Updates & Extra Apps

We are nearing the end of 2020 and what a year it has been.

From the Australian bushfires to the COVID-19 pandemic and the outcry against racial inequality that caused the Black Lives Matter movement to gain momentum around the world, everyday life has changed for many of us. Our ability to authentically connect online is more important than ever.

In a study published last month, we showed the extent of social media usage around the world. There are now 4.14 billion dedicated users who spend an average of 2 hours 29 million online per day. More than 14 people use social media every second.

This means that social media managers – and the tools they use – are at the forefront of communication between brands and customers. My teams have been working on features over the past few months to make it easier for you to get involved in the ways your customers want and to share the success you’ve achieved with them.

Here is a breakdown of some of our top releases.

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Get creative with new formats on Instagram

The proportion of Instagram users visiting company profiles has never been higher: 200 million users visit at least one per day. To help you create the content you need to drive engagement, we’re adding stories and carousel posts to the list of formats supported in Hootsuite.

If stories are part of your strategy, be sure to use our new create, visualize, and schedule capabilities right from the Hootsuite dashboard.

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As with Stories, Instagram carousel posting will soon be available for all plan types. Watch out for publishing, which allows you to mix a mix of up to 10 pictures and videos in one Instagram post, schedule it across your entire social calendar, and then post it on mobile.

For customers on a team plan or higher, collaboration and performance monitoring is also included in these Instagram posting enhancements.

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Work more efficiently with your inbox

We’ve seen Hootsuite inbox activity grow up to 115% this year – and we’re fully invested in making your inbox experience as productive and efficient as possible.

For business and corporate plans, you can now use “Saved Responses” to respond faster and more consistently. With this function you can create and save general responses to inquiries. For many companies where the volume of inquiries has increased, this is a huge time saver that increases customer satisfaction.

Hootsuite inboxSource: Hootsuite

We also recently published “Suggested Saved Answers,” which generate automatic recommendations based on machine learning. If you’ve used saved responses, you’ll see a “suggested” label next to saved responses that is likely to represent a relevant response to that particular query. Pick the right one and send it like any other answer. As simple as that.

Finally, in this section – Drum Roll Please – our most requested feature will soon be available! We know you value the relationships you build on Instagram, and many customers have asked for a way to manage this in their inbox in Hootsuite. We’re excited to soon be able to offer Instagram direct messages straight to the Hootsuite inbox.

What does “soon” mean? We are currently in the beta phase and are working closely with Messenger from Facebook to give selected customers early access for testing. Availability for all Hootsuite customers is just around the corner – read our press release for more information and look out for the announcement in 2021.

Increase your impact with new reports

Our recently published Social Transformation Report found that social media now accounts for between 13% and 24% of the marketing budget. With more money, we want to make it easier for you to share the value that social brings.

In Hootsuite Analytics, a redesigned template gallery and search bar streamline navigation between reports and data providers. If you’re creating reports from scratch, you can now see how each metric will look and customize the report tiles in a preview window before finalizing the report. Further customize reports by resizing the tiles to ensure that the most important stats get your audience noticed right away.

Hootsuite Analytics

Source: Hootsuite

There are also improvements to LinkedIn video metrics for customers on Enterprise plans with Hootsuite Paid Impact. In addition to standard metrics, view additional metrics such as reactions and impressions for a complete picture of a video’s performance. We have refilled 500 posts for all eligible users so you can start analyzing your video content right away.

That’s not all for Impact users. Tracking your overall performance on social media is impossible without a full view of your paid and organic content. So we’ve introduced new analytics templates that contain paid and organic social data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, as well as an organic template for YouTube.

All of these reports are easily customizable. When you’re ready to hit Go, schedule the report to run automatically so you can focus on value-added tasks again.

Improve employee representation management and reporting

Employee advocacy is a priority area for many of our clients, and I’m excited to announce some improvements to Hootsuite’s Amplify advocacy product.

To make content easily recognizable for large groups of people, we added filters in Amplify. Use the filters to find content in a variety of ways, including: network, type (image vs. video), personalization rules, and whether posts have been previously approved.

Hootsuite Amplify

Source: Hootsuite

Social advocacy managers put a lot of work into helping their colleagues share content, be it through Amplify or through our integration with Facebook’s email and workplace. We’ve updated how these metrics are reported so that all Amplify activity can now be tracked together for a complete picture of content performance.

Add ecosystem apps to your Hootsuite

We pride ourselves on taking a best-of-breed approach at Hootsuite – and our customers love it too. If you haven’t already, check out our extensive ecosystem of partners to create the toolset you need to achieve your social media goals.

Two places you might want to start out are apps that we’re really excited about right now. The first is Google My Business, our most popular app that has seen some improvements to make it easy for you to manage customer questions and reviews. Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming update that enables direct messaging.

The second app, Shopview, will help many of our ecommerce customers. With Shopview, you can share products from your Shopify store with your social networks directly from Hootsuite. View products in Hootsuite streams, share products with pictures on your social networks, filter products by collections and keywords, and reply to customers on Twitter.

These and the other tools in our ecosystem can help you streamline your processes, access better data, and personalize your Hootsuite experience to meet unique business needs.

Access support easier than ever

All of these messaging apps and features would not be complete without the foundation of good support. This has been a central point for my teams over the past few months. That’s why we’ve made support content accessible right from your Hootsuite dashboard. Now you can quickly find resources and answers to questions you may have while using the platform.

In the lower area of ​​your left navigation you will find in-product support with assistance that suggests relevant content based on the product currently in use. From there, you can also access our Help Center, which contains useful instructions on common problems.

Find out more

This is a tour of some of our biggest releases this quarter, but there are always more. For the full story, I recommend watching our Q4 Product Roadmap webinar and keeping an eye on our what’s new page.

Not only have we created new features to ensure a reliable, secure, and evolving Hootsuite experience, we’ve also focused on helping our employees and customers through this year of change. Don’t forget to contact your Hootsuite account manager if there’s anything we can do to help you thrive in the social arena.

Try out all of these new features for free by signing up for a 30-day trial. With Hootsuite, you can manage all of your social profiles, schedule posts, measure results, and connect with customers in one place.

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