Lodges.com Is Doing a Non-public Friendsgiving Island Getaway for $50 a Evening

Before the pandemic, most would not associate Thanksgiving dinner with privacy. Under normal circumstances, you would go to a crowded family gathering, greet a number of relatives you vaguely remember, and dodge questions about why you are not yet married.

But this year it looks different. Many have decided their family reunions are not safe to take place, and Hotels.com is giving the classic Thanksgiving holiday a run for its money by offering a week-long vacation rental in Florida for $ 50 a night.

Six guests are invited for a seven-night stay on Friendsgiving Island, which typically costs $ 1,400 per night. The 5,000-square-foot vacation home has a porch, kayaks, paddleboards, a boat dock, and a helicopter launch pad.

The reservation also includes a one night private chef to take care of the Thanksgiving dinner. The catch? Be the first to click on the offer on October 27th at 10 a.m. ET.

This isn’t the first time Hotels.com has offered an Escape from the 2020 Madness. The travel agent is also offering travelers the option to live under a rock during election week for $ 5 a night. From November 2nd to November 7th, travelers can disconnect from the outside world and go offline anywhere in New Mexico.

Hotels.com competes with the rest of the travel industry who have gotten creative with safe experience marketing as they struggle to survive during the pandemic.

Earlier this year, Airbnb offered the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s mansion and a Halloween-inspired trip to Hell on Earth. Last Halloween, Booking.com recreated the Addams Family Mansion in Brooklyn and built a giant sandcastle this summer to encourage consumers to move forward with their travel plans.

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