Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, “Model Delicacies”, Inflicting A Buzz In France

Charlie & Styl’O, Billie Jean cover, “Version Cuisine” was a viral hit in France

Charlie & Styl’O

“It came very quickly and very ridiculously,” say the comedy duo and musicians Charlie & Styl’O of their latest sketch, which caused a stir in France on social media.

They were in the kitchen and started singing the beat of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, replacing English words with French, starting with the French word for apple, fries, fries as a beatbox base. From then on, the play on words broke up – the Woo-Woo were replaced by Hou-Mous – and soon “and she was more like a beauty queen” became “Hachi’s Limonade Des Linguines”.

It’s a trend on social media in France with a lot of people commenting that thanks to the duo, they finally know the words to the song.

It’s part of a work program called Parodisque, in which the Charlie & Styl’O couple attempt to parody four songs (disques) a week (sometimes in French, sometimes in English) as part of an early morning sketch for Radio France Bleu at 6.55am . Many of the radio shows in France have a humorous sketch before the 7am news – France Inter, Daniel Morin has Daniel Morin every weekday at 6.57am – and the two cover topics ranging from Black Friday to the shave.

They started with Disney’s Let It Go in 2016, when Frozen was sung by everyone around the world. La Reine des Neiges (Queen of the Snow, as Frozen is called in France) became La Reine des Mères, a parody of the banality of life as a mother – “we are very used to making something crazy out of nothing,” says Charlie. The video went viral on YouTube and was viewed by over a million people.

It’s not the only Billie Jean parody to come out of lockdown – Quarantine (it’s not quite over) has nearly 2 million views on YouTube.

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