Perpetual Traffic | Episode 304: How to Get Insane Google Smart Shopping ROAS with Kasim Aslam

If you’re new to Google Smart Shopping, this week’s guest will inspire you to open an account today. In this episode, Kasim Aslam takes a deep dive into smart shopping on Google and why he believes it’s the best algorithm out there right now. Learn how marketing advice for business owners and agencies can add smart shopping to your marketing strategy.

Listen to learn:

  • An overview of smart shopping and why businesses should use it
  • Why Google’s Smart Shopping Playbook Is Flawed (And How You Should Actually Use Smart Shopping)
  • How Much Can You Expect When You First Start Smart Shopping?

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

The 3X Shopify Challenge
Google Ads Mastery Program with Kasim
Via smart shopping campaigns
Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
Solutions 8
Episode 302: iOS14 Attribution: Where Does Your Money Go?

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