Podcast Ep 58: How data-driven advertising and marketing optimizes determination making and strategizing?

Use your resources wisely! Experimentation is better than putting all your eggs in a single basket.

Mr. Niranjan Pagadala is co-founder of 8 Views. Niranjan has worked with CCL and Country Oven since its inception and has vast experience in marketing and management. He put all of the experience, expertise and digital understanding together to create 8 views.

8 Views is a fast moving marketing company that offers marketing, advertising and content solutions. 8 Views was founded in 2015 and serves the digital marketing needs of over 150 brands in various sectors such as real estate, education, lifestyle, healthcare and more.

Summary of the podcast

The podcast begins with Niranjan, who explains how data-driven marketing is beneficial for decision-making. He explains in a wonderful way how digitization gives the company access to a huge database, which without exception forms the basis for a strategy at a very competent level.

Niranjan addresses the question of how budget startups and SMBs should proceed with their marketing and promotional plans. He explains how important it is to define goals and then align yourself with them in order to achieve your goals. Starting small and experimenting goes a long way instead of blindly following what other companies are doing.

Niranjan sheds light on how marketing and advertising revolve around consumer psychology. He shares his experiences on how to grab a new customer’s attention, keep an existing customer, and how to deal with a disappointed customer and turn them into a happy customer.

Towards the end, Niranjan shared his knowledge of how to develop strategies to improve website ranking. While explaining how the Google search engine works, he suggests that one should not bring up the advanced parameters until their basics are well established.

When this conversation reached its climax, Niranjan advised entrepreneurs to always study the subject in depth, to specialize in order to grow and master the field.

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About the host

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