Social Media Analytics & Reporting Information

Once you’ve started a social content strategy, you need to understand how well your content is working and what is working best. The only way to do this is to keep an eye on your social media analytics and equip yourself with the right tools and reports to do it. Read on for tips on how to take your reporting to the next level.

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Getting started with social media analytics

When it comes to social media marketing, you need to know a lot of different terms, reports, and metrics. To get the most out of all types of reports, you need to be sure that you understand the data that you are viewing. But no worry. We’ve outlined some of the basics you can use to analyze your social media reports.

The metrics you should be measuring

You may be tracking a lot of different metrics, but which should your brand be focusing on? Impressions, conversions, likes or clicks – these are just a few examples on a long list of data points that you could consider. In addition to knowing your key metrics, you need to know where to find it on different platforms and reports. This guide has all the information you need.

Reach versus impressions: Understand engagement terms

Two of the most important metrics for marketers are reach and impressions. Together they paint a picture of the number of people who will see your posts. Unfortunately, some marketers use the two terms interchangeably, although they are not the same. Here’s the difference between the two and how to track them.

How to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Are you measuring your social media efforts? To improve your strategy, you need to know what works. This guide will teach you how to get key demographics about your audience, analyze your content, determine the best time to post, and more. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

An introduction to hashtag analysis

Hashtags are an important part of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Learning how to use and analyze them properly can set you apart from the competition. Hashtags make your content easier to find and can lead to more engagement – if you know which ones work for you.

Advanced social media analysis

Once you have a basic understanding of the various metrics you can track and where to find your data, the next step is to put it all into action. This section explains a few ways you can use social media analytics to improve your social success.

How to Perform a Social Media Audit

When was the last time you analyzed your social media activities? A social media audit gives you an overview of what is working with your social media strategy and in which areas you can improve. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to do a social media audit.

How to measure the ROI of social media

The social media ROI is one of the most discussed topics in marketing. What is the return on a tweet? How are your Instagram posts affecting your bottom line? The ROI on social media may not be as tight as a paid search campaign or other “traditional” marketing channel, but it is perfectly possible to get an overview of how social networks are affecting your business.

Ultimate Guide to Competitive Analysis on Social Media

Analyzing your competitors provides insights into what your audience wants to see, as well as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and successes. But what should you look out for when conducting a competitive analysis? Here is a complete guide to walk you through the process.

Share the success with social media reporting

Now that you know how to find all of your data, you can share social success across your organization by creating digestible social media reports. This guide and downloadable template will help you distill the highlights so your results are clear at a glance.

Put data into action

It is important for any marketer to continuously improve your understanding of data and reports. Learn how to use data to refine your campaigns and champion the power of the social with these guides.

Social Media Metrics Map

This resource is your at-a-glance guide to figuring out where each metric fits in the customer journey funnel. Learn more about how to track the impact of your social efforts back to every step of the conversion and how to keep track of your earned, own, and paid social media.

Enhance your social data analysis

Social data offers so much potential to marketers and brands, but finding the bandwidth to improve your data analysis skills and ways to get the most of it is often difficult. Learn how to improve your analytical skills and get data-driven answers on how your strategy is working and where you can improve.

Like social benefits for your entire company

Taking the pulse of the social world, social media marketers access vital data for every aspect of the business, including cultural trends, customer testimonials, and emerging changes in the industry. You can use the resources in this article to unlock the power of your social data and find other ways to use it.

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