The Advantages of Advertising Income Attribution

Marketers say revenue allocation – the practice of linking marketing efforts to a desired outcome (conversion, sales, profit, etc.) – enables better decision-making and helps align teams, according to recent research from Ascend2.

The report is based on data from a survey conducted in October 2020 of 272 marketers (44% of them have a revenue allocation strategy in place and 42% of them are either implementing or planning a revenue allocation strategy).

59% of respondents say a key benefit of revenue allocation is that it enables better decision-making and 43% say a key benefit is that it drives marketing and sales alignment.

79% of respondents agree that having an effective revenue allocation program helps remove friction between marketing and sales.

Top Sales Allocation Challenges

Marketers say the top roadblocks to revenue attribution success are data quality and difficulty in analyzing the market impact at each buyer stage.

Respondents state that social media and content are the most difficult channels to analyze when allocating marketing results to sales.

About research: The report is based on data from a survey conducted among 272 marketers in October 2020.

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