The place to Purchase Furnishings for A Faculty House

Where to Buy Furniture for a College Apartment

College students often rent apartments either on campus or off campus. These can be unfurnished or partially furnished, which means you will need to purchase at least a few pieces of college furniture. Fortunately, there are several places where you can get affordable furniture without compromising on style.

Bryan Wharton, owner of the popular Athens, Ohio rental company Wharton Rentals, commented, “In my experience with off-campus apartments near Ohio University, furnishing a home allows students to create a homely environment in which to relax. It is an important process that every student should use when given the opportunity. “

Here are just a few suggestions of stores where students can purchase furniture for their off-campus student accommodation.

Second hand stores

You can often find great deals in thrift or thrift stores. These won’t break the bank and it’s a greener option too.


It is also easy to find cheap furniture online. Sites like Amazon have everything you need and most of these sites offer free shipping once you spend a certain amount of money.


Ikea is a classic option for students. They offer a wide range of modern, stylish furniture. For example, if you’re looking for a simple yet sturdy desk, Ikea is a great option as long as you don’t mind building it yourself. This could be a great bonding activity with your new roommates.


Target has a lot of affordable furniture for students. It’s great for things like bookcases and organizers. These are great for storing all of your books that you need to study.


Overstocks also have a range of back-to-college furniture. They also offer funding opportunities and special offers so you may want to wait for deals on more expensive items. You can pay for furniture in installments over six or twelve months.

Surplus and outlets

These are essentially cheaper versions of regular stores that sell last season’s goods at a lower price. Fun to browse on a weekend, you could get incredible discounts on quality furniture.

Furniture websites for students

Several furniture websites have actually been set up for students. They are aimed at those of you who want to decorate a smaller space on a budget, taking into account both practicality and style. Some of them are:


Dormify offers products based on the latest trends made of high quality materials. You can create your own look or even opt for pre-designed rooms. Dormify also offers practical tips and advice for new students as they adapt to the transition both on and off campus.


DormCo also specializes in dormitory accessories for students. They are the leading college essentials retailer, with an impressive collection of linens, furniture, storage options, and more.


CORT offers furniture rental packages for students. If you’re looking for something shorter-term, you can even rent furniture for your college apartment. CORT creates a package for you according to your specifications, i.e. the size of your room and your requirements. You also have the option to swap out items in your package if you want to customize it further.

As you can see, there are many options when looking for college furniture. Take your time to browse and look for the best deals. You could even pool money with roommates and find great items to all share.

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