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3 silly vacation promotions you didn’t know you needed

Some brands, especially Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, and Disney, have taken an emotional, heartwarming approach to their vacation promotions. But others seem to feel that all we really need in “these unprecedented times” is a good laugh and sweet prey. Check out these more disrespectful approaches to encouraging vacation joy:

  • If you’re sucking your cheeks, Pepsi has just the thing for you. Don’t try (and inevitably fail) this apple pie – just drink it with the seasonal Pepsi apple pie instead. The ready-made soda debuted along with a tutorial video from VaynerMedia.
  • Snacks hosiery? A new line of Frito-Lay garments includes knitted scarves “to keep your neck warm or to wipe your mouth” and fluffy socks “so no one overhears you sneaking into the pantry for a midnight snack.”
  • Lots of people want an XBox or PlayStation for Christmas – instead you can purchase a Philly Series 5 cheesecake set, a spoof product of the Philadelphia cream cheese brand.

Yesterday at the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit, athletes, leagues, brands and experts gathered to discuss the present and future of sports marketing. In one particularly compelling session, we learned how the San Francisco 49ers, New Jersey Devils, and Philadelphia 76ers dealt with unforeseen complications as the pandemic brought their season to a standstill. The marketers of these teams explained how they engaged and supported the fans during a difficult year.

Clock: One team held simulated games and covered them just like real games.

Also from today’s summit:

  • During today’s summit, Danone unveiled its latest sports-oriented partnership: a three-year partnership with FC Barcelona aimed exclusively at Americans. Danone USA’s Manos Spanos said partnering with athletes helps bring the message about health and nutrition to life.

Sign up for Day 3 of the Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit to learn more about Sports for Social Good as we hear from athletes, leagues and brands who have come together to fight injustice and are showing resilience in response to Covid-19 .

After 10 seasons, Conan’s TBS series will end in June 2021. But fans needn’t fear: O’Brien is heading to HBO Max with a new weekly series, and his Conan Without Borders travel specials continues on TBS. Still, it’s the end of an era of linear late night that O’Brien has been performing for nearly 30 years.

“A monumental achievement”: Conan O’Brien has made himself a TV icon.

Airbnb’s IPO prospectus, filed on Monday, shows that the company made a profit in the third quarter and 91% of its online traffic came from branded or unpaid channels, a significant increase from its 2019 market value of 1.5 trillion U.S. dollar. As Adweek emphasized in May, there is further growth potential for the segment of Airbnb guests who stayed in rental apartments for 28 days or more. This could be worth up to $ 162 billion and represent 24% of customers in 2020. of 14% in 2019.

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