Train’s Impression on the Thoughts

The Influence of Practice on the Mind

Time and again, exercise has been shown to have both physical and mental benefits. This can be understood from the most basic level. Exercise causes an increased heart rate, which increases the amount of oxygen that flows through the body and to the brain. In other words, your brain works better and can think more clearly. With this type of clarity, the stress is sure to go down. This also sounds right on a psychological level. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain known as endorphins, commonly known as happiness hormones. These chemicals affect our opiate receptors and cause feelings of euphoria and pleasure. This sensation is often associated with “runner’s high”; After a long amount of cardio exercise, this is typically followed by increased well-being. This is also due to the fact that endorphins not only increase the feeling of well-being, but also reduce pain. Yes, a win-win situation! The body is able to achieve this dual effect naturally without external substances.

Exercise also helps form a routine in their life. With or without a physical trainer, exercise requires the practice of holding yourself accountable. For example, a training program includes a goal to train every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Regardless of whether someone completes this completely or not, there is still a sense of completion. Suppose Tuesday is too busy. There is a decision to go forward and adjust the day or have a little defeat as an end-all-be-all. A routine requires the ability to navigate how to get around inconveniences that are ultimately self-taught. Once you gradually implement and master this, the stress in life will certainly decrease. If this can be practiced through an exercise routine, it can be applied to all areas of life.

Shalom Lamm, a successful CEO and entrepreneur, is living proof of that. He believes that success resides in wealth within and without. While one must give to others, they must also give back to themselves. Wealth extends outward; When you start helping yourself, you build a healthier self that is better equipped to give back to others. He finds the time to exercise as much as possible to improve his mental and physical health. As mentioned earlier, his consistent exercise program allows for a mental place of lucidity. A place that is sure to be a good foundation for self improvement. Especially in times when things are as bad as today, it has never been so important to have and maintain a feeling of inner peace.

Role models like Shalom Lamm humbly remind us that everyone is capable of building a more stable life through simplicity. With simple acts like taking a walk to increase those endorphins or exercising another day, one begins a journey towards self-management and confidence. By combining this improved relationship with yourself and the myriad benefits of regular exercise, the stress is sure to go away.

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