Trump U-Turns On Day-Outdated Promise To Depart White Home, Insists Biden ‘Show’ His Votes Had been Authorized

Top line

Less than a day after saying he would leave the White House should President-elect Joe Biden be elected by the electoral college, President Donald Trump retired and unfounded insisted on Friday that Biden “should only go to the White House as President.” can occur if he can prove it “. His 80 million votes were not “fraudulently or illegally obtained” and effectively revoked his closest electoral defeat permit.

Donald Trump has said that President-elect Joe Biden will only be allowed into the White House if he can prove it … [+] Legality of his electoral votes.

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Key factors

In the tweet, Trump continued to make unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud that somehow denied him the vote, highlighting Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Milwaukee as particularly problematic.

His insistence that Biden be allowed into the White House only if he can prove that the votes were illegal regression for him on a promise he made on Thanksgiving that he said he would “certainly” enter the White House left if Biden were elected by the electoral college.

Claiming Biden would have a hard time proving the legitimacy of his record-breaking 80 million votes, Trump described it as a “big unsolvable problem”.

Twitter, which has reported dozens of its tweets alleging election fraud since Nov. 3, promptly added below the post, “This election fraud claim is controversial.”

What to look for

Members of the electoral college will officially meet on December 14 to cast votes for the president and vice-president. Weeks later, these votes will be counted and confirmed in a joint congressional session on January 6th. This meeting will be chaired by the acting Vice President, in this case Mike Pence.

Key background

Since before the election, Trump has made unsubstantiated claims about widespread electoral fraud and illegal elections. He has stepped up allegations in the weeks that followed, refusing to admit, and launching a barrage of largely unfounded legal assaults in increasingly desperate offers to overturn the outcome, with a member of his legal team ousted from the campaign after it was a failed one Conspiracy theory put forward had somehow embroiled a late Hugo Chavez in a conspiracy to manipulate voting machines.

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