Twitter Rolls Out New Option to Share Tweets to Snapchat

Twitter improves the process of sharing tweets on Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

The new Snapchat process will be rolled out for iOS on Thursday. Android will follow shortly.

Twitter users can tap the share button of a public tweet (protected tweets cannot be shared) and tap the Snapchat icon.

If the user is signed in to the Snapchat application on that device and is not in the process of taking a snap, Snapchat will open directly to the camera and the tweet will appear as an immovable sticker above the camera.

Tapping the screen activates the lens carousel for Snapchatters who want to use a lens.

Once a snap is taken as a photo or video, the tweet sticker can be pinched to move or resize it. At this point, other Snapchat creative tools can be integrated, including bitmojis, cameos, captions, filters, and stickers.

By tapping the blue send button in the lower right corner, users can share with individuals or groups, or post on their Snapchat stories. People see the tweet as a sticker, and when they swipe up it takes them to Twitter to view and reply to the tweet.

Tweets disappear from Snapchat at the same time as the Snap they are in (24 hours if posted in a story). If a tweet is deleted from Twitter after sharing, Snapchatters will find that it happened while swiping.

This integration marks the first time a tweet can be visually shared to Snapchat Stories while users still have access to the camera and the full suite of creative tools in this app.

Integration was made easier via Snap’s Creative Kit, which allows Snapcahtters to share content from third-party apps or websites directly on Snapchat and post those Snaps to Stories. Almost 150 million Snapchat users are engaging with these integrations every month. Other apps that use Creative Kit are Goat, Reddit, Sendit, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Yolo.

Twitter will be testing a similar integration for Instagram Stories with a small group of iOS users in the coming days.

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Twitter said in a statement, “Now more than ever, people are coming to Twitter to see and talk about what is happening in the world. Sometimes a tweet is so important or so funny that it needs to be shared outside of Twitter, and we’ve noticed a trend where people are taking the time to scan and crop tweets to post in other places. But this conversation shouldn’t be in one place – it should be where you want to talk about it. Today’s update makes it easier and faster to share tweets with other platforms and connects more people to the conversations on Twitter. “

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