Why Megan Thee Stallion And Tinder Are A Nice Match For Every Different

Superstar rapper and entertainer Megan Thee Stallion is the face of Tinder’s latest campaign aimed at Gen Z users. At 18 to 25 year olds, this demographic is the largest among Tinders users in North America. The “Put Yourself Out There” campaign (PYOT or #PYOTChallenge for short) encourages users to give their dating profiles real authenticity. As a profile judge, “Hot Girl Coach” Megan will select 100 winners to award $ 10,000 each.

Tinder’s choice of Megan Thee Stallion to be the face of PYOT and the $ 1 million giveaway wasn’t entirely due to her fame. “Megan is authentic. She is the queen without apologizing to herself. She wins in 2020 because of the tenacity and creativity that Gen Z can identify with and be inspired by, ”said Nicole Parlapiano, Tinder’s vice president of marketing for North America.

According to Parlapiano, Megan’s regular interaction with her fans on social media, which she affectionately refers to as “hotties,” is a huge part of her appeal. “We wanted someone who would have a successful and empathetic relationship with their fan base.” Empathy is a trait psychologist and relationship expert that Dr. Jennifer Rhodes is a defining feature of Gen Z. “[They’ve] Born as more conscious, emotionally more conscious … Many more of this generation are classified as empaths. “

With PYOT, Tinder would like to creatively include a generation that, despite their upbringing, prefer to meet organically with social media and smartphones. In New Orleans, 24-year-old Eliana Bloom tries to make the most of her time with dating apps. “I tried to really present my profile as I am. I’ve shared my background information and photos of myself in my favorite places and asked questions that demonstrate my sense of humor. I would hope that the profiles of the games show the same authenticity. Ideally, they should contain the same amount of information that would come out of a first introduction or first impression. “

Juliette Swann, founder of the Birdy Dating App, says that for her generation “authenticity is the key”. As a 25-year-old dater, she says: “I’m not looking for perfectly designed profiles, but for something that piques my interest, makes me laugh, or helps me to relate to my possible matches. I want to get to know the real, completely imperfect person behind the profile. “

Dr. Rhodes believes that promoting an authentic Gen Z connection will benefit a greater purpose. “[D]Professionals need to take more responsibility to honor and respect this generation’s mission on this planet, and to support and lead it from a place of love. Gen Z will not be silent about what to heal and what to value in relationships. We all need to start listening because they are our best attempt to heal a very divided world. “

Maria Avgitidis, CEO of Agape Match, advises her Gen Z clients to be deliberate and accurate in their profiles. “Gen Z woke up so much more” than their millennial and Gen X customers, she says. “They are much more open to communicating their beliefs and values ​​before a number is exchanged to go offline.” She also adds, “Gen Z will be the quickest way to alert you to your overuse of filters or flattering angles.”

In a study by its members, 57% of Tinder users said they wanted to express their true selves, while only 27% felt free to do so. With PYOT, Tinder hopes to fill this gap. In addition to Megan Thee Stallion, actor Shea Gabor and TikTok star Kelianne Stankus can be seen in the campaign. Other developers will also be featured in PYOT in the coming weeks.

Digital strategist Wynter Mitchell Rohrbaugh agrees with Tinder’s assessment of Megan Thee Stallion as inspiring. “She’s an up-and-coming icon who adjusted to greatness, and she’s one of the more reliable artists to show up in the past two years. This strategy plays with accessibility for young women who are looking for a confident, stylish, authentic personality. Black women define culture and it made a name for itself in 2020. Kudos to Tinder for particularly catching them on the rise. “

Megan’s hit with Cardi B, “WAP” (that’s the clean version of the name), is the most popular song of 2020 on the dating platform. Her song “Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé)” came in seventh. In its 2020 Year In Swipe report, Tinder credits WAP for adding “unapologetic sex positivity” to the profile bios. Megan’s sexuality is only one layer of her attraction, however.

Parlapiano says: “[s]It’s so diverse. She’s an incredible artist, college grad, part-time activist with an interest in anime and playing Mortal Kombat. She’s in a niche – what some would consider nerdy things. This is very Gen Z. ”Tinder hopes Megan will inspire its users to incorporate the chilly or nerdy aspects of themselves into their BIOS and not get clichéd or worse, freeze and write nothing.

The PYOT competition is open to all Tinder users regardless of age, says Parlapiano. “Someone who is 80 years old could step in and inspire the whole community. We want to know – is this person real? We are looking for humor, creativity and authenticity. “To participate, take a screenshot of your new profile and post it on Instagram (must be public) with the hashtags #PYOTchallenge and #contest and tagge @tinder. The competition runs through December 31st and is only open to residents of North America (excluding Quebec). The winners will be announced in mid-January.

Megan Thee Stallion aims to inspire others. “By celebrating those who are already doing hard work, we want to encourage more people to feel safe for who they are.”

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