Why Video Adverts Will Be Key for Your PPC Advertising Technique in 2021?

As a marketer, the job description is required to keep up with current and upcoming trends. The ever-changing scenarios and the ever shorter attention spans are causing a stir in the advertising industry.

Whether or not it is a digital marketing agency, understanding the future is key to creating campaigns that could go “viral”. However, the general uncertainty of the social media climate cannot be decided with a coin toss.

For many consumers, PPC has been the best choice considering the environment. While SEO services drive organic traffic, PPC offers a more direct approach to promoting your product to a potential customer. Additionally, measuring your ROI is much easier with tools like PPC that have a clear budget. 50% of people are more likely to buy from an ad than an organic link.

So the good news is that PPC will stay here for 2021 as well. But which PPC trends can you rely on?

The invariable next step in PPC marketing is video ads.

Importance of video ads in a PPC campaign

To give you some basic stats, the number of videos uploaded per second on the internet would surpass the 1 million mark by 2022. So the right time to start is now.

As the cost of keywords increases, your ROI on PPC can decrease. Video AdWords, on the other hand, are much cheaper and face less competition. In addition, video ads can target a much more precise demographic.

A person’s average attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. You now only have 8 seconds left for a prospect to decide whether they want to research your product further. Video ads allow you to convey a lot more information than traditional text during this period. A breathtaking picture paired with an interesting voice-over can generate curiosity and, consequently, conversions.

Under the concept of PPC, you would only cost the different types of video ads when someone clicked on them. For in-stream ads that are popular on YouTube, the situation is somewhat reversed. If a user plays through your ad instead of skipping it, the cost of running the ad is added to your marketing costs. This works in your favor most of all, as you can convey brand awareness and have accurate statistics on who chose to stay with you.

How can a company make an impact with video ads?

Video ads are surrounded by several parameters compared to the PPC text links. Here are a few ways you can impress your video ad.

Video ads that make an impression with ppc

  • Choose the target audience very carefully. Since the demographics can be set in detail, it doesn’t really make sense to pick a group of people who would just skip your ad.
  • Make sure your video is well written. If you’re shooting a 30-second video, ideally the first ten seconds should keep the user involved. Your script should also include the next steps towards your product at the end.
  • Compare market trends and make a plan accordingly. Users tend to react when culturally relevant information is presented in a humorous way.

What are some of the top tips for creating quality video ads?

If you are doing something, why not do it right? As any PPC agency worth half their worth would tell you, video ads only work well when they’re easy to understand, provide valuable information, and are fascinating.

  • Create a story, not a sales pitch. Your video ad should get the viewer to feel emotions and then associate those emotions with your product. Choosing to have a face-to-face sales pitch is largely disgusting and can defeat the entire purpose.
  • A short video that contains only the necessary information works better than a video that goes on and on for no purpose or purpose. Aggressively edit your scripts to keep only the parts that are important.
  • Optimize your video for SEO. This goes for all aspects, script, title and description of the video. Browsing your video is the first step to be found.
  • Educate your customers and build authority. People are visual learners and they trust people who are able to teach something remarkable. Position yourself as a brand with all the answers and you will soon have a product with all consumers.

Why are video ads now on the rise?

While there are a variety of reasons why video ads work so well, here are some that are really important.

  • Video ads increase brand awareness much faster. The visual loyalty of a user is quite high. A block of text is easy to forget, but a video that matches your values ​​will stay on your head.
  • 88% of video marketers said that doing so gave them a higher ROI. It’s been proven that video ads are effective at increasing conversions. A person who spends time watching your entire video is more likely to invest extra time knowing your product.
  • A brand personality can be created through video ads. Video acts as a powerful medium for communicating brand values ​​and perceptions. While text can only be shaped in certain ways, video offers a lot more flexibility and freedom of expression.
  • Video allows other forms of content to be incorporated. Even a short snippet can contain infographics, images, graphics, and text that contain a lot of information. In addition, video ads can be used in other marketing communications.

What is the future for video ads?

Google, seeing bumper videos and Facebook ads as an important part of the marketing cycle, is just proving that videos are here and here to stay. More and more marketers are adopting the video ad strategy every day.

The next development also takes over. With the move into virtual reality, video ads are now a healthy and comprehensive experience. VR essentially makes consumers part of the bigger picture and gives further scope for creative possibilities.

Your next step should be understanding how to bring this medium into your PPC approach and start using it right away.

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